Hello, AADC supporters and families!

You may have been anticipating this message. We have been dreading this moment. We have had to come to the very difficult decision that for the safety of all our campers, this year we will need to cancel our June 2020 session. We just can not predict what the restrictions could look like by the time our program is scheduled, but we do know that many of our campers are medically fragile and/or immunocompromised. All our activities have groups of 20 or more, and are often in small classrooms that do not allow for 6 feet apart.

If you've ever been to one of our performances, you've seen the amount of people involved, the amount of people who come to see the play, and we all know it's not quarantine-friendly. As our governor would say, "You can't be doing that!"

If you have registered, we will be emailing you about your options. AADC plans to offer a full refund and send you a check. Another option is to donate your registration fees to our camp, which we will then contribute to Jessamine County Cares, an organization associated with the Salvation Army. We started this program to give everyone an opportunity to belong, and to show off any and all talents. AADC provides the chance for all kids, no matter what the ability, to socialize, to be celebrated, to feel understood, welcome and supported. All Abilities Drama Camp is determined to take advantage of this opportunity to promote inclusion in a virtual format. For the week of June 15-19 when our camp was to physically occur, we will be having the first ever Virtual All Abilities Drama Camp. Plans to be announced as we approach these dates. We love you. We know this is HARD. Stay safe. Stay at home. We are all in this together, we will get through it together.

Please contact us at aadramacamp@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.



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June 15-19

Virtual All Abilities Drama Camp

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